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finished verb.
  • 1. hit against; come into sudden contact with [hit, strike, impinge on, collide with, run into]
  • 2. deal a blow to, either with the hand or with an instrument [hit]
  • 3. deliver a sharp blow, as with the hand, fist, or weapon [strike]
  • 4. affect or afflict suddenly, usually adversely [hit, strike]
  • 5. begin to injure [attack]
  • 6. attack in speech or writing [attack, lash out, assail, assault, snipe, round]
  • 7. make a rhythmic sound [beat, drum, thrum]
  • 8. produce a rhythm by striking repeatedly [beat]
  • 9. perform music on (a musical instrument) [play]
  • 10. put into a certain place or abstract location [put, place, set, lay, position, pose]
  • 11. drive in (nail, etc)
  • 12. express or utter spontaneously [break into]
  • 13. begin to flow
  • 14. move away from a place into another direction [go, depart, go away]
  • 15. go to somebody's head

Unfinished version: ударати

Present TenseSingularPlural
First Personударимударимо
Second Personударишударите
Third Personудариударе

Past TenseSingularPlural

Future TenseSingularPlural
First Personударићуударићемо
Second Personударићешударићете
Third Personударићеудариће

First Person ударимо!
Second Personудари!ударите!

Aorist TenseSingularPlural
First Personударихударисмо
Second Personудариударисте
Third Personудариударише

Past Verbal Adverbударивши

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