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unfinished verb.
  • 1. move forward by leaps and bounds [leap, jump, spring, bound]
  • 2. jump down from an elevated point [jump off, leap, jump]
  • 3. increase suddenly and significantly [jump]
  • 4. increase in value or to a higher point [rise, go up, climb]
  • 5. act or move at high speed [hurry, hasten, rush, festinate, look sharp]

Finished version: скочити

Present TenseSingularPlural
First Personскачемскачемо
Second Personскачешскачете
Third Personскаческачу

Past TenseSingularPlural

Future TenseSingularPlural
First Personскакаћускакаћемо
Second Personскакаћешскакаћете
Third Personскакаћескакаће

First Person скачимо!
Second Personскачи!скачите!

Imperfect TenseSingularPlural
First Personскачахскачасмо
Second Personскачашескачасте
Third Personскачашескачаху

Present Verbal Adverbскачући
Past Verbal Adverbскакавши

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