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unfinished verb.
  • 1. perceive with attention; direct one's gaze towards [look]
  • 2. look attentively [watch]
  • 3. see or watch [see, watch, view, take in, catch]
  • 4. observe with attention [watch, look on]
  • 5. observe or determine by looking [watch]
  • 6. make an effort or attempt [try, attempt, seek, essay, assay]
  • 7. attempt by employing effort [strive, endeavor, endeavour]
  • 8. follow with the eyes or the mind [watch, keep an eye on, follow, observe, watch over]
  • 9. provide care for [care, give care]

Derived word: изгледати погледати

Can be used with the reflexive particle се to mean look at oneself or one another.

Present TenseSingularPlural
First Personгледамгледамо
Second Personгледашгледате
Third Personгледагледају

Past TenseSingularPlural

Future TenseSingularPlural
First Personгледаћугледаћемо
Second Personгледаћешгледаћете
Third Personгледаћегледаће

First Person гледајмо!
Second Personгледај!гледајте!

Imperfect TenseSingularPlural
First Personгледахгледасмо
Second Personгледашегледасте
Third Personгледашегледаху

Present Verbal Adverbгледајући
Past Verbal Adverbгледавши

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